The Vocal Life Training System is a specialized approach to vocal coaching in contemporary Pop/Rock, R&B, and Gospel styles. The process of training a well-rounded contemporary vocalist is unique and highly different from a traditional classical approach. Chantel has developed a system that marries the instruction of contemporary stylized singing with holistic vocal care so that her students can sing with power, finesse, accuracy and ease.  

Behind The Booth - Studio Singing


Many vocalists struggle, with accurate execution on high-definition condenser microphone. The pressure of hearing every nuance often creates a barrier between the heart and performance of the singer. The Vocal Life Training System will assist singers in completely removing that barrier so they can consistently deliver a radio-ready lead and background vocal performance behind the booth.


Crowd Control and Connection - Live Singing

The art of partnering technique, style, and performance in front of a crowd, whether it's thousands of screaming fans or a small room, can be challenging for singers. Losing control of your voice, tensing up when hitting higher notes, getting too excited and slightly hyperventilating, are definitely symptoms of an eager singer. Chantel will walk you through the art of connecting the pieces of your vocal technique, styling and stage performance so that you not only sound amazing but you look confident and in-control while you nail it!

*Chantel is a certified vocal coach and producer with over 15 years of professional experience training worship teams, signed international recording artists and independent artists.

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